Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Upcoming Darwin event

The next lecture in our public lecture series Introducing Darwin is Mon. May 4, 7 pm at the Discovery Dome, Telus World of Science. Chris Brochu from U Iowa will speak on "The Hierarchy of Certainty: How the Past is Predictive." Basically, he's going to talk about how we can use Darwinian principles not just to reconstruct past evolution, but to predict future evolution. Chris is a paleontologist who mostly works on humungous crocodiles, but it's my understanding that his examples won't all be paleontological (which I suppose they can't be, if he's talking about future evolution). Word is that he's a really good speaker ("Awesome" sez Josh).

The event is totally free, so come on by and tell your friends. Chris will speak for about an hour tops, and there'll be question-and-answer with the audience afterwards.

As with Mott Greene's lecture, I need a couple of volunteers to man the microphones for the question-and-answer session that will follow the talk. Email me if you're interested.

After Chris' talk the various Darwin events will be on hiatus until the fall. Watch for more events then, including John Brooke's public lecture on evolution and religion.

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