Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sabrina's Slant

This is the first time I have ever posted on a blog! I've made comments, but it isn't the same. So I hope it works!

Anyhow, I have enjoyed this class. It has been interesting to read and listen and think. I would like to read 'The Origin' again - perhaps when I am less busy with school and extracurricular activities, and have more time to really digest it.

Let's see....
Well, like Dr. Fox, I am impressed at the breadth and depth of Darwin's understanding. At how much he was able to piece together and comprehend. And certainly at how much he strove to produce evidence to substantiate his arguments. I am intrigued by the man himself - how he had this brilliant idea, yet wanted to make sure it was fool-proof before he presented it to the world. And then when he was forced into early publication, I am impressed at his civility towards Wallace - in the face of possibly losing recognition for his life's work. One reason why I wanted to read 'The Origin' was to see for myself what it was really about. I believed that Darwin got a bad rap for a lot of stuff that wasn't necessarily true. And in the end, I still believe that. I think that many people (especially religious) have a 'fear' of Darwinisim and evolution - and think that Darwin was an early version of our friend Dawkins. Thankfully (to me, at least!) that is not true. I also think that there are many common misconceptions about the process of evolution - one of the simplest being, "If man descended from apes, why do we still have apes?" People don't seem to understand that the theory is that of a common ancestor.

As for me personally, I found this an interesting time to reflect on my own beliefs. I certainly didn't find anything to cause me to not believe in God. I know that we just can't comprehend everything, but that the more we learn, the more the 'mysteries of God' will be 'unfolded' to us, as it says in scripture. If I can never solve all these questions in this life, I am content to wait to learn the answers in the next. Balance is very important to me, so if I know one side of the argument, then I had better know the other, too.

Thanks to everyone for all your insights.

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