Thursday, January 15, 2009

I like the name "Blogodarwin" it has pizazz.

If no one objects I hope to randomly post photos of Darwin things from London.

Here is Down House, Kent. Where Darwin lived for around 40 years. He did much of his writing of the Origin here.

If you don't think that these pictures have any academic relevance (which they really don't, they are just interesting) and you think I should stop, then just (politely) let me know and I will stop.

Another thing to add.

If anyone is interested in a place to look for readings for discussions or just for some interesting Darwin reads, check out this month's Scientific American. It is mostly articles about Darwin and Natural Selection. The connection to today's modern science is interesting. Availible at a newstand and grocer near you.

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Dr. Fox said...

I'll suggest The Origin(al) Blog.