Thursday, January 15, 2009

Copies of OTOOS Online

If you want to save on paper (or currency) there are multiple places on the web to find a free digital copy of OTOOS 1st Ed. Here are some of them:

Project Gutenberg eBook version

A pdf version hosted (and maybe transcribed?) by the University of New South Wales Embryology department

An HTML version hosted by Talk Origins

A text version hosted by Darwin Online

A scanned version hosted by Darwin Online

A PDF of the scanned version, hosted by Darwin Online


Kirstin said...

You can also listen to people read OTOOS to you for FREE:

J. A. Ludtke said...

Sadly that is a reading of OTOOS 6th Ed, so its not quite the same experience.

Dr. Fox said...

While there is nothing wrong per se with reading the Origin online, you still need to be able to refer to the Origin in class. If you want to bring your laptop so that you can bring an online version with you to class, that's fine.